Some Of The Most Common Types Of Pest Control Methods

You may be under the misconception that living in a place eliminates the need for pest management completely. However, this is not true? Even when you’re living in a place, the humid and dark corners do not get eliminated. As a result, the need for pest management is still there.

Also, it is best advised to get the job done out of a professionalĀ pest control Apex NC service. But before investing in a professional company, you want to get familiar with the several kinds of methods which are available for residential and commercial premises.

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To help you make the decision, here is a brief preview of commonly used pest management methods:

Preventive approach-

Always remember that the best method to control a pest problem would be to invest in measures that prevent the problem from happening. This involves sealing the potential entry points, cutting off the food sources that attract pests and lock all of the breeding grounds.


This is where the professionals use a lure to attract all the pests into a central place and then trap them. Many times, the baits are poisonous so as to make sure that the pests move the poison to the whole colony and thus assist in the destruction.

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These may really be useful in termite control. So if you are looking forĀ termite control Apex NC solutions, you must check the company provides this kind of service.


For infestation by rodents such as mice and rats, the professional pest controls rely on traps which are set up in potential preferred spots to lure the rodent from its dwelling. Once the pest is trapped, it’s the duty of the agency to get it disposed of.

Using chemicals-

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This is the most commonly used method where substances are sprayed to eliminate the infestation. Even house owners are often known to purchase chemicals and spray them as a preventative approach since these insecticides are easily available on the market.

However, we would recommend you to rely on the professional services since they know the ideal proportion in which the compounds should be used.